St. Teresa’s Interior Castles with Kate Theriot

St. Teresa’s Interior Castles

Preached Retreat with Kate Theriot

January 20-22, 2017

Join us for a 3 day preached retreat led by Kate Theriot.

Using St. Teresa of Avila’s teachings in her book “Interior Castles” participants will journey through the 7 mansions of their Soul finding union with the Creator for which we all yearn.

“Prayer is not just spending time with God. It is partly that – But if it ends there, it is fruitless. No, Prayer is dynamic. Authentic Prayer changes us – unmasks us – strips us – indicates where growth is needed. Authentic prayer never leads to complacency. But needles us – makes us uneasy at times. It leads us to true self-knowledge. To true humility.” St. Teresa of Avila

Kate Theriot is the owner of Coaching for Change, LLC, holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral Studies, is a Board Certified Coach, a certified Spiritual Director and has 32+ years of experience in Church administration. She is a productive and meaningful coach and spiritual director who works with individuals to determine what really gets one excited and then connects one’s external world efforts to one’s inner world dreams to be the person God created each of us to be.


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