Spiritual Book Sharing

Spiritual Book Sharing

Field of Compassion by Judy Cannoto

The best-selling author of Radical Amazement articulates a transforming vision of spirituality that examines the intricate connectedness of the physical and spiritual worlds, a phenomenon she calls the “field of compassion.”

In the tradition of Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry, Judy Cannato invites spiritual seekers to embrace the way in which an understanding of religion and the spiritual path is informed and illumined by cutting-edge science. Cannato’s newest book is a must-read for those interested in how the new cosmology and the Christian story can be understood in harmony with one another. She shows how modern scientific discoveries demonstrate that at the most fundamental of levels all life is connected and that humankind participates in the unfolding of the universe. This book’s compelling and radical call to transformation will inspire readers to choose collaboration and peace over competition and conflict.

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September 11 pp. ix-23; September 24 pp. 25-61

October 16 pp. 63-96; October 30 pp. 97-131November 13 pp.133-160; November 27 pp. 161-193

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