Healing the Heart through Scripture & Song

August 2-4, 2019

with Cindy Scardina

Registration between 4:00-5:00.

Our journey with Christ leads us down rocky roads. It’s not always easy and we tend to make choices that are sometimes better left alone. This retreat will focus on ten themes, FAITH, TRUST, MERCY, GRACE, FORGIVENESS, HEALING, SALVATION, HOPE, GOD’S PEACE and GOD’S LOVE. While meditating on each theme we will open ourselves for healing through scripture and song.

It will also be a Charismatic weekend following in Dottie’s footsteps with praise and worship, prayer room and workshops on the gifts. There will also be a closing mass at 2:00 on Sunday.
For more information contact Rosaryville at 225-294-5039 or email scallais@oppeace.org.