Rosaryville Public Cemetery

A New Tradition Begins

Since the late 1800s, Rosaryville has nurtured a Dominican presence in the local area. Over the years, the Dominican Sisters of Peace have ministered through the area’s schools and hospitals as well as to the needs of spiritual needs of the community. We have expanded our ministry to meet another local need by adding our new Public Cemetery.

The growing population in Ponchatoula has created a need for additional public cemetery space. In addition to our private cemetery for Dominican Sisters and Friars, the Rosaryville Retreat Center has now established a new Public Cemetery to serve all the families of Ponchatoula and the surrounding area.

Because so many of us have enjoyed days and even years walking the holy and historic grounds of Rosaryville, we are excited to announce this unique opportunity. On behalf of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, we invite you to pray and consider this peace-filled place for yourself and your loved ones.

Rosaryville has been blessed by the presence of religious and lay men and women in prayer for over one hundred years; our grounds are saturated with their prayer and peace. Our new Public Cemetery will be close to our Retreat Center, our Prayer Garden, and the beautiful Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel, all places appropriate for the new Cemetery.

We invite you and your loved ones to visit Rosaryville, tour the grounds, and visit the Public Cemetery. You may choose from in-ground or mausoleum sites or cremation niches.

While the Public Cemetery is a Catholic space, local persons of all faiths are welcome to choose this holy ground for their eternal resting place.

Call Suzette Callais at (225) 294-5039, ext. 102 to purchase a plot or to receive more information.