What a Wonderful Year By: David Drude

What a wonderful year:

My life has been truly blessed by the grounds and people that visit Rosaryville Spirit Life Center. It is hard to believe that it has only been a year now since I retired because so many wonderful things have happened. Just as the signs say as you enter the gate, “May the Peace of Christ enter your heart as you enter these sacred grounds”. Rosaryville does something special for your heart. I know that it has infected mine. The grounds are truly sacred, blessed by the sacrifices and hard work of the men and women who have lived there since the 1880’s. It is their work that the retreat center continues by offering a location for people to come to improve their spiritual lives.

The tiny staff who work there are so friendly and helpful. They will all tell you that its not a job but a special ministry to work there. Their devotion and hard work is a testimony to the spirit of the place and is a continuation of the sacrifice of the religious who started Rosaryville.

Even in sadness, there have been many beautiful things that have happened on these grounds. The burial of an unknow child was sad but made beautiful by the outpouring of love by the local community. Or the passing of a dear friend who had devoted many years of labor and guidance to Rosaryville, who died and is now buried on these grounds. A small group of homeless people spent a week with us during the holidays and brought great joy to all even in their time of need.

We have had many wonderful and spirit-filled guests. Many church groups, retreat groups, and those seeking spiritual direction have visited us this year. Old and young have replenished their spirits at our grounds. Some come for the day and others spend the night but all have said how their lives have been changed, some as soon as they drove onto the grounds. One of my greatest joys is getting to share a moment with them while I am working.

The camps for the young people are the best. The joy of the little ones is a beautiful thing to behold. Some come out for general camps and others come for specialty camps for people with different disabilities or illnesses. You can tell Rosaryville is making a difference in their lives by how polite they are and will thank you for anything that you do for them. It is a pleasure to serve them.

Well that is a brief snapshot of how my year has been. How about yours? If you are looking for something to do with your retirement or just have a few hours that you want to donate to a special cause, give us a call. We have many opportunities and would love to share our Rosaryville with you. Come out and visit us and see if “The Peace of Christ fills your hear”



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