Bringing Forward the Mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace at Rosaryville

It saddens me to know that there are so few sisters remaining at Rosaryville to carry on their important work, but I am glad to say that there are many fine groups that are trying to keep up the tradition of bringing the word of Jesus Christ to his people.

I have been an educator for 25 years, serving the special needs students of the area.  In that time, I have witnessed many challenging situations that I honestly do not have an answer for.  Our technology rich and possession driven society has removed us from our spiritual roots.

Recently I have worked with one of the groups ministering through the wonderful facility at Rosaryville.  The retreat is based on Saint Lukes Gospel Chapter 24 “The Road to Emmaus”.  While on that retreat, I have witnessed many miracles as lives were changed, even my own.  Every time one of the retreatants shares their story, they tell how the holy grounds of Rosaryville have inspired their encounter with Christ.  I know that I have experienced many such encounters with Christ as I spend time in adoration or praying the rosary as I walked the grounds.

For me there is no better place to serve or to be served.    I keep coming back to have that walk with Jesus in Rosaryville and I know that the sisters are there praying for us also. #emmaus #givingtuesday #miracles #roadtoemmaus #dominicansistersofpeace #rosaryville

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