Patterned by God’s Design

A great place to do to a retreat is at Rosaryville Spirit Life Center.  I am remembering one in particular, “Patterned By God’s Design” given by Dr. JoAnn Forbes. I spent the weekend on these holy grounds thinking about my past. We were to bring our favorite quilt and at that time I had one. Each of our quilts had a story. Growing up we were very poor and my mother made us girls our clothing as we got older, but as she became older, it became a task so we got second hand thrift store clothes. When we were adults living our own separate lives my mom said she was making a lap quilt for a family reunion that they would auction off for the highest bidder. The funds were to be given to families to help with the cost of their flights from Germany. My mom never made us girls a quilt. With that idea I really wanted that quilt, we were bound to North Dakota from Louisiana. The bidding began and it became a challenge because somebody across the room wanted that quilt as much as I did. I couldn’t see the person because of all the people. Yes I finally won the bid at $75.00 and back then that was a lot of money for small quilt. Well I found out a few minutes later my little sister and I were the ones bidding over each other. My mom’s says if you wanted a quilt that bad I would have made you both one. I told my story at Rosaryville in the chapel that weekend. It brought tears to my eyes realizing how hard our mom worked for us as children. We thought we were poor kids but the truth is we were blessed to have a mom that cared enough to take time and a lot of hard work to simply just love us. I looked at my beautiful daughter with tears running down her precious face as I told the story. I went and wrapped that quilt around her because, in that quilt that meant so much to me, was so much love holding one my precious gifts in my life my child. Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2  #GivingTuesday #livetransformed #Rosaryville #DominicanSistersofPeace #quilts #sewing 


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Bringing Forward the Mission of the Dominican Sisters of Peace at Rosaryville

It saddens me to know that there are so few sisters remaining at Rosaryville to carry on their important work, but I am glad to say that there are many fine groups that are trying to keep up the tradition of bringing the word of Jesus Christ to his people.

I have been an educator for 25 years, serving the special needs students of the area.  In that time, I have witnessed many challenging situations that I honestly do not have an answer for.  Our technology rich and possession driven society has removed us from our spiritual roots.

Recently I have worked with one of the groups ministering through the wonderful facility at Rosaryville.  The retreat is based on Saint Lukes Gospel Chapter 24 “The Road to Emmaus”.  While on that retreat, I have witnessed many miracles as lives were changed, even my own.  Every time one of the retreatants shares their story, they tell how the holy grounds of Rosaryville have inspired their encounter with Christ.  I know that I have experienced many such encounters with Christ as I spend time in adoration or praying the rosary as I walked the grounds.

For me there is no better place to serve or to be served.    I keep coming back to have that walk with Jesus in Rosaryville and I know that the sisters are there praying for us also. #emmaus #givingtuesday #miracles #roadtoemmaus #dominicansistersofpeace #rosaryville

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Hearts of Hundreds touched by Rosaryville’s Holy Grounds

Becki Alford, Council of Ministries Director at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Ponchatoula, reflects on her time at Rosaryville as a Youth Minister:
St. Joseph youth have experienced transformation at Rosaryville for over a decade. Rosaryville is truly Holy Ground for many reasons. We have hosted our Kick Off Retreats, Confirmation Retreats, Theology of the Body Retreats, Young Women’s Retreats, Junior High Retreats, and Core Trainings on the property. Many of our youth have attended or staffed Camp Kateri over the years as well. We were given the gift of being able to flex number of participants, schedules, meal times, and resources in a way that filled the valleys and leveled the mountains, making a highway for our God into the hearts of hundreds of teens and the adults who served them.
The chapels became places of encounter as our youth experienced Adoration, Mass, Reconciliation, and prayer ministry with abundant fruit. Some of our teens were so deeply moved in their relationship with Jesus in Rosaryville’s chapel that, years later, they decided to celebrate their Weddings in the main chapel!
Being able to walk the grounds where six Dominican martyrs were formed for Priesthood, has become an endearing and awe inspiring experience as we’ve learned and shared their stories, marveling at the fact that some of those men served our parish.The generosity of the office staff and welcome of the grounds keepers and culinary professionals communicate the providential and lavish love of God to us. We’ve grown to feel as if we are family members returning home each time we host or attend an event there.
Becki with a retreatant at the Diocese Jr. High Retreat in from of Rosary Hall.
St. Joseph Youth Group in Rosaryville Chapel
A small group meets in the Peace Garden.
A small group meeting in St. Dominic Parlor.
The large group meets in St. Joseph Hall.
A retreatant enjoys the pond.
The group spends time in Adoration in Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel.
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